About the Artist

I am really excited to offer our customers this website. My love for crafting  Jewelry  started  35 years ago and I am as passionate  today as I was back then.  (yes I was just a babe when I started!).  Inspiration for my jewelry comes  from the heart and my precious daughter.  A walk on the beach, a view of rainbow and everything in between inspires me, and of course how blessed I am to enjoy my dream.  The result is a very diverse collection of jewelry to fit all ages and styles.  You will find my style a bit classic to vintage and perhaps that is from living in the South. Over the years what I hear the most from my customers is that my styles are timeless.   From creating my pieces to photographing each of them (my other love) I hope you enjoy browsing my site and selling my jewelry.  There is much pride also in being able to say that since 1988 we are a "Made in America" product, or another way to say Hand-crafted with Love!   Designer,  Pam Brown 

If you ever want to meet me on facebook I can be found under the name Pamela Kate Brown

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